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Experience/knowledge on upgrading interior doors?


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We have plain, flat interior doors that need to be repainted anyways.  They kind of look institution-like.  I think plain shaker doors would look nicer in our house. I am thinking something with raised wood along the top, bottom and sides and then maybe a strip of wood across the middle. I can't seem to see what I want on the Home Depot or Lowes web sites but I did not look thoroughly.  I am getting the impression that for 8 doors it will cost about $1500 for the doors and installation.  


I have seen on Pinterest that some people put molding or panels on their existing doors.  They took their doors off first and glued the panels on.  I would rather not do this.  I spoke to someone who said he would charge $50/door to put the wood on the doors and change the handles so then I would only have to get the wood all cut the right size and the handles and it would probably cost a lot less.  I think doing this ourselves for 8 doors might be too much for me and my husband.


Any experience with this kind of thing?





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Something like in this door manufacturers link? http://www.nicksbuilding.com/interior-doors/interior_mahogany_doors/shaker-doors.php


We have shops that just sell windows and doors here and they have much better variety as well as the ability to make custom size doors.


My parents did change their interior doors from the plywood quality to solid wood for my childhood home. However we went to a local family owned furniture shop nearby and they did everything for us including disposal of the old doors.

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Yes, like this but maybe with just one strip of wood across the centre. I was looking to upgrade the look from what we have now but nothing too expensive.

That's 5 strips of wood per door cut in a straight line. You could get your lumber store to cut it for you (it's only two measurements) and you and DH could glue them on and paint them. It would be easier to paint the doors/pieces first.

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