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SAT Tomorrow

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DS is signed up to take the SAT tomorrow, but he really has not done much prep lately.  He's been really busy with other schoolwork, and I am worried that he won't do as well as he might be able to do with even just a little more prep.  He did take the PSAT, but he hasn't done any additional formal prep since then.  Is it still an okay option to take it and use it as a practice?  I know that many colleges say they only use the highest score, but still, don't you think they at least look at all of them?  I wish it was offered more frequently.  Any advice?

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I think he should go ahead. Is he a junior or a sophomore?  I don't think colleges look badly on a first score being low, anyhow, particularly if they go up.


My ds is doing his second test tomorrow. I think he's nervous for the first time (he'd done the PSAT and an AP, as well).  I'm not sure if that's good or bad.  He has good scores, but we'd like to see them a touch higher for scholarships.


I'm afraid I'm going to oversleep!

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Just take it. Since it is tomorrow, just concentrate on your child having a good night sleep, packing everything he needs for the SAT tonight and have fun. If your child needs a better score for scholarships there is stil the June and August test dates for a 2nd attempt.



Acceptable ID

Admission ticket

Two 2B pencils with eraser


At least a drink and a snack for breaks.

A light sweater if your child doesn't like cold


A child was stopped for not having any acceptable ID at the test site my younger boy took at. The person at the gate checked each person's ID and admission ticket before letting them proceed to the classrooms.


Good luck to your son.

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