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Advice needed... should DS take PSAT again? Would it really be worth it?

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DS took the PSAT in 10th grade this school year (Fall 2016) and received a 950 or 980 (which was average and slightly above average on the range of scores for the subjects).  I'm trying to determine if it's worth it for him to take it again as a junior since that is primarily for NMS competition and he is far off from the NM score level.  Is it realistic that he could earn a high enough score to reach the NM level from where he's at?  Would prep classes and practice really help that much?  Should he just concentrate on continuing to practice and work to take the SAT?  Thanks for any advice.

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I think it's worth it. (And usually all kids take it anyway since it's administered by the school) Even if he's not in NMS territory it's good practice for the SAT. It's a year later than his 10th scores - he's learned stuff in the mean time so his scores might change. And he'll be able to review his test and what he missed when they send out the score report around December.

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Ds skipped it & just took the SAT in Jan instead. He wasn't going through be NMS here in NY.


Then we got info from dh's employer that they have a scholarship, the PSAT is the qualifier for it.... BUT, he can substitute SAT scores instead, so we're just doing that.


It's not going to hurt to do it again. Or, do a fall SAT instead

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Since he is practicing for the SAT, I don't see what one more practice (the PSAT) will hurt. Continue to study for the SAT and consider the PSAT like an almost-perfect* practice, especially if he's going to take the SAT in the fall. I wouldn't prep for the PSAT specifically. But, prepping for the SAT will help prep for the PSAT.


If he was going to switch over & prep for the ACT, I'd say not to bother.


* Almost perfect in that the math problems are not exactly the same in ratio & number between the two tests.

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I think it's worth it unless there is a test anxiety issue or something like that going on.  Which PSAT was it? The NMSQT or the PSAT 10?  How much prep was done for the test? In Texas,schools have to charge the same amount for the PSAT that they charge for their enrolled students -- in our area, that should be free.   


If it's free, then it's another opportunity to practice and another opportunity to focus preparation on areas that might respond well to preparation.


Good luck.

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