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Multi-age 5th-8th grade history?

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What is the best history and writing curriculum to use with a combined class of 5th-8th graders that meets once a week for an entire school year. Our K-4th grade combined once a week history class simply goes through Story of the World and its activity book. Are there programs like this for logic stage? The library book type history learning as explained in TWTM won't work for this type of scenario/class. Any suggestions?


And I'm not exactly sure how this forum thing works. Do I get notified somehow when people respond? 

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In a co-op I would probably do the same for the logic stage in the co-op time allotted. I would do maps, discussion, and a project.


Are you wanting to assign what they do at home as well?  In that case you could assign writing on the books they read or research writing on the time period or places being studied. You could allow for some presentation time in the class periods. 


If you are wanting to assign what they read at home, you could divy up any history program or encyclopedia and assign their reading to go with the class time.  


I like the blog, The Classical House of Learning Literature for logic stage for something else to look at.  She does all of the scheduling and planning and has logic stage lesson plans for ancients, medieval, and early moderns. It schedules out readings from good books and schedules out SOTW and a history encyclopedia for you. It has some kind of project for each unit. Like after reading about ancient Egypt my dd made a travel poster and brochure about Egypt.  The ones I am talking about are the older files if you are interested. Blog isn't active anymore, but you can still download the files. It schedules 16 books a year. Neither of my children have been able to keep that schedule during the school year, but we do a selection of them. You can pick and choose. Assign them to read the book at home, do a project at co-op. Look at maps or find blank maps online for them to fill out, or have them draw their own each class period or something. Assign written summaries occasionally or use the project ideas from the lesson plans. 


I actually am thinking about doing something like this next year for our co-op. I will give the reading books as suggested reading and a list of the matching SOTW chapters and encyclopedia match ups out at the beginning of class for interested parents, or the kids can just research for projects in their own resources or online and learn in class time.

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I would pull together a lesson plan using How To Teach What Really Happened and Reading Like A Historian.  If need be you can supplement with exercises from Mysteries In History Ancient History or World History. The goal would be to get them to think, research, and collaborate using primary documents and available clues from the past.

I don't think there is a ready made program like this, but it would be very easy to pull the basics together and let the kids go to town.

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