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Precalculus and Foersters question

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We used Foersters Algebra one, and then Jurgensons Geometry, and now son is on Algebra 2 with trig. He is on chapter 13. So I guess we will finish the book, so that is good.


Both Foersters books so far were classic edition. Now I cannot find a classic edition for precalculus. So I am starting to wonder if I should even concern myself to stay with Foersters. I also considered switching to Derek Owens next, but since son has done so well so far, it might not be worth the extra cost-for him specifically. I can see Derek Owens is worth what he charges.

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What does it matter that Alg 1 and 2 are "Classics", I have both of those books too. I also have the Foerster PreCal "Concepts and Applications" by Key Press 2007.


D has not started the precal book, but I don't see the problem with using it.

. I didn't say there was anything wrong with it. I am just saying I don't feel tied to it.
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