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Summer, you could post again in the main board (Learning Challenges). More people might notice your post there. Most just post there.

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I am homeschooling my ds15, who has Down syndrome. He's technically in 9th grade. He is a decent reader, a weak but ok writer/speller and terribly deficient in math. We spend most of our time on these basics and try to fold history and science into whatever we're doing for reading and writing.


For math, Semple. It's been remarkable for ds. In the past, we've tried MUS, Horizons and others. Ds would always make a little progress and then get stuck. There was no moving forward. Semple has allowed him to progress (slowly and still way behind but continual growth and retention!). I am sorry that I resisted trying Semple for so long. It just looked weird and I couldn't wrap my head around how it was supposed to work. When I ran out of all other options, I finally gave it a try. Oh my! It just clicked with Ds!


For reading instruction, Rewards Intermediate. Nothing flashy but it's working. My ds reached a standstill in his reading when there were more mature/challenging multisyllabic words in his books. That's exactly what Rewards addresses by teaching prefixes, suffixes and how to break words down.


I don't have time to post more now but I will come back and share some of the other things we're using. 

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You might also join the social group for discussing older kids with learning challenges.

It's more private & some of us with older kids prefer to post over there instead.


Weiser Educational is my favorite place for viewing special Ed materials for big kids. You can see samples on their site. They carry the Pacemaker & AGS texts (simple high school textbooks, written at a lower level), plus others, including life skills curriculums.

(* don't order from Weiser though, you can get those used online very cheap since public schools use them)


Steck Vaughn is another publisher of "hi LO" materials, Weiser carries them also. I really like their Wonders of Science workbooks.


Remedia Publications website carries a selection of remedial & life skills workbook series such as "menu Math", "grocery store math", etc


Sound Foundations out of the U.K. sells the Apples & Pears and Dancing Bears remedial spelling and reading programs.


I've used all of those, both when teaching public school special Ed & with my own child.

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