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Teaching Textbooks---geometry

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I am considering using TT for high school geometry next year for my son.  I looked at the link for " is your child ready for our geometry"....and there are some things on that test that I do not think he would know.  Is this a "make it or break it deal"  or would he still be able to take the class ok?  I have never used TT before, so I do not know anything about it.


Would it be wise of me to have him do some sort of review before he starts the class next fall.


Please advise me as to what I should do.





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I just glanced at the test. The student needs to get 8 right in each of the two sections to be successful in the course.


I would wait until he's done more Algebra before I'd worry about section 1, but maybe have him take section 2? That is all pretty much the geometry covered in PreAlgebra. If he can get 8 of those right, don't worry about it and try section 1 after he finishes Algebra.

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