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The Teachers Lounge 3-2-2017


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Daughter and I are headed to RenFest today. DS has chosen to stay home.

I obviously will not be in the Lounge much today. Feel free to chat among yourselves and help yourselves to coffee and tea.


What are you up to today? Here: see above.


What do you wish you were doing today? Here: see above. (Although I still want to get to some dandelions but it's just not working out. And I need to do some editing later tonight.)


What souvenir should I bring back from the RenFest to display in the Lounge?


Talk to me! :bigear:

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Good afternoon! Hope everyone is okay today...


Today, I'm doing school with ds, including helping him make a formal outline for a research paper. I tried out a science experiment for co-op tomorrow. It worked, so that's good. I've got more to do to prepare for my writing class, too. I need to figure out making a dessert for ds' basketball banquet, and I really have nothing in the house to use. I may run to a Dollar General close by and pick up brownie mix or something. The banquet is tonight, and I'll be packing up for co-op tonight and planning the agenda for a meeting afterwards. We plan the middle school and younger classes for next year. 


What do I wish I was doing? If money were no object, I wish my dh and the kids and I were in Europe traveling. If it's a wish in the real world, I wish we were in DC. It's one of our favorite places to visit. 


I've never been to a RenFest, so surprise me! 




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