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7th Grade Curriculum like/dislike


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Like :thumbup1: 

Literature – Literature at our house

Mr.Travers is very organized and he has deep understanding of literature. He usually takes one month to discuss one book. My DS has been enjoying his classes.


Grammar—Barbarian Diagrammarian (The Lukeion Project)


Writing – Classical Composition

We use curriculum with DVD lessons taught by Brett Vaden.


Geometry—Jacobs 2nd edition


Dislike  :confused1:

Writing – Soverbose

The instructor gave comments no more than ten words! Total waste of money.


Grammar – Growing with Grammar Level 8

No challenge.



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My 7th grader loves and is thriving with Thinking Tree materials this year. She uses a Do It Yourself Journal with a mom approved stack of books, a Spelling workbook from them, their Dyslexia Games workbook pages, and the How To Make Money Journal among other things. These are great for a right brainer like her to get her writing and thinking because she gets to color and decorate them.  Notebooking in general is always a hit with my 7th grader. In the past she did the Apologia Exploring Creation with ... notebooks. This year she is doing Science in the Age of Reason and just doing notebooking like the Apologia Notebooks in a composition book.


For regular schoolwork we (I) like Rod and Staff for math and English, Memoria Press for Latin, and I really really like the old Classical House of Learning Literature logic stage ancients book list and lesson plans. Luckily I had some of them downloaded from 4 years ago from odd as it has all changed now.  The books are great and we do some of the projects and discussions from the lesson plans. 



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dislikes; none this year. If it doesn't work then I don't use it. In the past I purchased Spanish for Children for my odd for logic stage Spanish. I paid a good bit for it with the DVDs, and it was a total bust. So I will add to my current 7th grader's like list: EasyPeasyAllinOne Homeschool 7th grade Spanish (free) along with a used textbook and CD finds from library sales and library children's books in Spanish. Much better materials, and total I have paid less than $10 for her Spanish. Wish I could unload the SFC in a booksale somewhere! 

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