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6th to 7th grade summer math and spelling ideas

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My 6th grade dd has asked me if I can help her this summer with spelling and math.  My idea for spelling is Megawords, and for math is Mastering Essential Math Skills.  What other ideas would you have?


She struggles in both areas.  She is slightly dyslexic, but not terribly so.  She has had phonics instruction at school and with me when I homeschooled her, but it just doesn't seem to stick in her brain.


She knows her math facts well, and is able to understand the big picture of math concepts, but when it gets down to the nitty-gritty details, then it's a struggle,  such as explaining how she got her answer.  She can often arrive at the correct answer, but when she has to show her work, that's where the problem comes in.

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My DD sounds similar. She's a slow reader and compensates well. We will be working through FAN math this summer to help DD draw better models and visually explain her thinking. It'll be a nice review. Sometimes the picture can do the talking. For spelling, we did two years of sequential spelling (mostly independent) and DD really developed good muscle memory that way. I wish we could have done book 3 but she insisted on going back to school and types most of her papers now so, spell check to the rescue. This summer we are doing vocabulary from classical roots which, I hope, will help her spelling and comprehension in French and science.

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