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Can you guys be my college advisors?


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I'm back in school taking prerequisites to apply to a nursing program. By prerequisites, I mean absolutely all of my general ed, because I only completed 4 credits before I became a SAHM.


I started out last semester with an online sociology class. That went super. I LOVE the online format and 3 credits was totally doable. I really need to start checking off my science prerequisites (5 of them), so this semester I'm doing another online gen ed class, plus biology. 


Next semester, I need to take chem. If I am no longer homeschooling (this looks about 70/30), I'm debating which class to do in addition. Chem is a 5 unit class. I will also need to do a 1 credit Bio lab (I couldn't fit it into my schedule this semester). I'm debating whether I should tackle intermediate algebra (one step down from statistics, which is the class I need to ultimately complete) at the same time as chem. Chem involves so much math, and I feel like I need to wake my math brain up. My math knowledge is alive and kicking up through algebra 1, after that it gets a little like swiss cheese. 


Here's my question, will doing math and chem at the same time be helpful or confusing? I have the prerequisite math knowledge for the chem class, it just feels rusty. 


It is not an option to do math first then chem. I need to get chem done in order to get started on the other 3 sciences that I need. I do need to complete the math class sometime in the next 2 semesters. My options are doing int alg and chem this semester or int alg and anatomy next semester.


What would you advise?

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Honestly, I don't think I would want to tackle a 5-unit college chemistry class without freshening my math skills. 


When you say 'next semester,' do you mean summer or fall? 


If fall, can you do ALEKS math or something before then? Could you possibly start now? If a schedule conflict was the only reason you couldn't take the bio lab, maybe you could do a bit of math daily. ALEKS would assess you and then start filling in the gaps, so you aren't working through topics you have mastered. It's $20/month (less for 6 months or a year, and HSBC currently has a 25% off deal). 


I'm still traumatized by all the math in my kids' high school chemistry, lol. 


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Those are good suggestions. I'm thinking through fall classes.


I also picked up the textbook for the math class (with hopes that I could test out of it, but I think I need to just do the class). The most recent chem math I've done was balancing chemical equations a couple of years ago with my son. He'll probably be tutoring me in the fall, lol. The teacher becomes the student.

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