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s/o French Silk Pie recipe!


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I ended up making it yesterday, in time for the Superbowl.  :)


It is fantastic but a glitch.  It is soooo dense.  I don't care for that.  It's cheesecake (NY style) dense w/o the cream cheese. 


After researching, I noticed most of the French Silk Pie recipes are all the same (ingredients/amounts, technique).

I added each of the 4 eggs individually and beat 5 minutes EACH!  All together my mixer was running 25 - 30 minutes starting with creaming butter and sugar and then adding the eggs.


One recipe said the mixer can run up to 40 minutes.


How can I make the chocolate filling NOT so dense but more like a mousse. Actually half mousse and half dense? 



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I am NO baking expert, but I wonder if you left out two of the yolks it would be lighter or even beating the whites separately and folding them in.    Also, did you beat some heavy cream and fold it in?  I came across one recipe that did this, and it should lighten up the texture.  Send me a slice if you try this!

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