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want to start a gardening thread


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Oh yes, a gardening thread would be nice.


It's so spring like and pretty here today that I'm having a hard time stopping myself from planting or tilling or something. Way too early for that!


I have used those plans as a map or a guideline in the past. You used to be able to see what plants they recommended--maybe you still can. I would use that list and find similar or better plants at the garden center.


Remember gardening is an art, not an exact science. Experiment and play--either way you'll come up with something beautiful. Chatting with a person at a local garden nursery can steer you in the right direction. Or you can do like I do...buy whatever seeds or plants catch your fancy and plant away. If seeds or plants work--as in live and thrive--more of those get planted. Failures may be tried again or not...

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The idea with this is that you will have some flowers during the entire growing season, rather than a flush and nothing. Fill in with annuals like zinnias and such. My growing season is completely opposite from yours (hot and humid southeast). If you have no idea what to plant, buy this and plant it, and see what happens. Some plants will live and thrive, others will not. I also like bluestone perennials for preplanned gardens. If your ground isn't frozen, you can till and plant (re other posters).

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