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I had been posting a lot of private info on the chat boards. No identifying info but I was still worried it could be traced by my kids if they knew to go to this board. Someone suggested I start a private social group, which I thought was a great idea. I will admit I'm not an expert and have some questions.


I set it up as private and made sure all the settings were private. Some people have told me that I shouldn't trust that. The group does not show up and you have to be invited to join. I did have it set up so I could only invite people but would it matter if I changed it to letting others in the group be allowed to invite people? It would still be a private group.


Also there is a place to invite people and I'm assuming it shows up in their messages. Some people say they don't have private messages so can't get the invite. Is there another way for me to invite them? I also invited some people but they found out their messenger was off. It won't let me invite them again. Is there any other way?


Also since I originally posted about the group on this general chat board I'm wondering how long I should keep that post up. I've only invited people I know have posted before before. I wanted to be sure someone just didn't make a profile to be in the social group-probably far fetched but my kids know I'm on this board and I don't want it searchable by them.

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