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Finding internships & shadow opportunities

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Anyone know of a good way of getting info on summer internships for highschoolers without knowing someone?  My son is not definite on a career choice but has a few in mind and we want him to explore them some before starting his major.  He is a junior in HS but will have his AA before graduating from HS and want him to explore options.  His interests now ranges from music (which he has an internship lined up for his senior year) to physics, engineering, astronomy, to a pilot.  Any ideas would be great!!




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I'd say research near by colleges and small businesses of your DS's interest. Then he needs to send email that explains his qualification and interest in that area.


My DS got an internship at DA office that way(He wants to work in legal environment later). My friend's son has worked as an intern at local college professor's lab in his junior summer. He said he sent out about 50 emails to different schools and venues to ask for a position and got handful responses.


I think it is totally possible for a high schooler to get an internship. Just need to study and willing to invest time for it. 


Good luck!

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In the book Designing Your Life, the authors recommend conducting what I used to call informational interviews.  Locate people, generally using LinkedIn, and contact them as a high school student who wants to learn more about their field.  It takes some stamina and tolerance for rejection, because while many of us want to be helpful to the next generation, many more are just too busy to respond to student inquiries.  It may not result in an internship in the short term, but by demonstrating interest and asking informed questions will go a long way toward impressing important people and building his network.  Or it could show him that one of his areas of interest is no longer very interesting, IYKWIM.  Just know that it can be more difficult for students to find jobs, so as long as he recognizes that and doesn't get discouraged, I would recommend taking that approach.  

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