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Benadryl for this?


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I have a child with stomach trouble, also 7.  We have tried benadryl, but tylenol helps her more.  Also, a friend suggested we try giving her a little grape juice every morning.  We did that for a while, and it did seem to help.  I hope yours feels better soon! 

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The first thing I would do is to throw out that almond ice cream. A 7 year old can't sneak what isn't there. Honestly, I would get rid of everything with gluten and other possible triggers as well. Then once she has been pain free for a period of time-perhaps a month- I would reintroduce one ingredient only and would see how she does.


People can be gluten or wheat sensitive without being celiac.


Some people do have some luck using Benadryl to treat gluten exposure





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