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Spanish for Children A

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Since this is designed for younger children the pace is not adequate for a year of high school work. Perhaps Spanish for Children A plus extra conversation could be the first semester of a high school course and Spanish for Children B the second semester.

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There would need to be more vocab, but the grammar concepts are probably similar to first semester of high school Spanish 1. DD only made it through half of SfC A (and all of GSWS) plus oodles of Duolingo, but found she already knew the grammar for a lot of Spanish 1 and some of the vocab. So, she just had to get used to the format of an online class, memorize the rest of the vocab, and actually converse in Spanish. 


I would say "more vocab" and "more conversation."

Find someone local to converse with? italki?

Supplement with Practice Makes Perfect Vocab and/or daily Duolingo?

And maybe watch that Spanish soap opera (whatever it is called)? -- I might wait until 2nd semester for this and Duo if I'm not a whole to parts person. (I'm very much a parts-to-whole, so Duo & listening to Spanish were torture until I had more under my belt. But I love to watch much-loved movies in Spanish or (better) French now - since I know them well in English & can pick up enough of the language to make it interesting. I just can't LEARN that way. But some people can & do it better that way.)

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