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What did your dyslexics do for high school physics?

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I'm looking for algebra-based physics for my 10th grade dyslexic DS.  Video lectures are preferred as he doesn't learn well from a textbook.  Anything online needs to be asynchronous.  The top contender so far is Derek Owens, as it seems to be primarily video-lecture based.  Any other options we should look at?

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We need asynchronous because of where we live.  However, I think this DS would anyway not do well in a live setting because of his slow processing speed.  I'm hoping that by college he will be able to manage with recordings of the lectures that he can review later - but I'm worried a little about that, too!

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DD has slow processing speed, too.  She does well in live classes if they are also recorded for her to review again later.  She likes the live interaction with the teacher and students, but she cannot pay attention AND take notes with any real retention (although she is getting better at this).  Being able to then replay the class is great.  I have been considering a Livescribe pen for her but she is currently not interested.


I would recommend something like Landry Academy since they do record classes so you COULD do it asynchronously but Landry Academy closed its virtual doors for good just a few days ago.  I'm not sure where else might offer something but if you get on the Landry Academy threads on the Gen Ed board they are posting lots of on-line options for many types of classes.  You might find something that works on that list.

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