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Those who use CTC math


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It won't automatically make a student review but it is easy to build in review.  The program is automatically set up to be mastery based but we have found it easy to get plenty of review since all lessons, when redone, generate new problems.  DD builds in her own review now, but I also schedule review for both kids.  


Let me walk you through this a bit in case it helps...


A student can start anywhere you think they should within the program.  Let's say you start your student in 2nd grade math.  2nd grade math (and this pattern stays pretty constant until Middle School) is broken up into 4 different general areas: Number, Patterns and Algebra; Measurement; Space and Geometry; Statistics and Probability.


Let's look at Number, Patterns and Algebra.  There are 9 subsections within this area.  The first one listed is Whole Numbers.  Within that subsection there are 10 lessons.  The first lesson is called 1 to 100 Number Chart.  


Let's say you assign your child to do lesson 1 of this section.  They do well.  The next time they log on, they will automatically be moved on to the next lesson within this subsection.  When all lessons in this subsection are complete, they will be issued a certificate and moved on to the next subsection.  If they are doing well they get a silver, really well they get a gold and if they are maintaining 100% scores they get a Platinum level certificate.  They can repeat the lessons as many times as they want to increase their scores/improve the level of the certificate.  The scores are averaged each time they redo a lesson.  


Even though the computer automatically moves a student to the next subsection once a previous section is complete, it is easy to go back and have them repeat a lesson from a previous subsection.  They can also repeat entire subsections as many times as they want/need.  


O.k. so they finished subsection one and have moved on to subsection two, which is Addition. Lets say you think they may forget certain parts of what they learned in subsection 1.  You don't need them to repeat the whole thing, just certain lessons.  You can easily assign him some of these lessons periodically as he moves through the rest of the program.  You can come up with a rotating system that will work with each grade level since the format/structure is very close to the same for each level.  The lessons are not that long so it should be pretty easy for him to do a review lesson first, then do a new lesson afterwards.  And if he needs a break in the middle of a lesson, he can do that, too.  The computer will start him back up where he left off.


Now lets say he is struggling with one area but zoomed through another.  Maybe he is rock solid with section 3: Space and Geometry but is struggling with Statistics and Probability at the 2nd grade level.  Have him go back to the 1st grade level Statistics and Probability section and do some targeted review in subsections/lessons that will help him before moving him back into the 2nd grade material.  For the Space and Geometry section that he is doing really well in, once he finishes that section he could easily move into the 3rd grade material while still working at a different level in Statistics and Probability.  You could still be assigning review problems from other sections as well.  


It does take a bit more effort when having to build your own spiral review, but because the system is pretty consistent and you can see all subsections and all levels it is pretty easy to customize.  DD and DS are old enough that I just write down what Grade level, section, subsection and Lesson I would like them to review.  If your son may have trouble with that (and he very well may until he gets used to the structure), then you can go in and select the lesson for him.


Another thing that helps here is that I can print out the video explanation, graphics and all, and I keep those papers in a math folder for each child.  That way if they need to go back for a quick review but don't really need to watch the video again or do an entire lesson again, they can just glance at the paper for reference.


I hope I haven't confused you terribly...

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Not confusing...what you said made sense and might be doable for my crew. Thanks for the through response!


I created a review rotation chart for math skills and keep it updated.  I have our lessons on Homeschool Planet so I can add in or take away or shift review lessons really quickly.  The kids work off of a list I print out for all lessons/activities/chores each day.

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