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What would be fun 4th grade extras?


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I'd target her interests. Other random ideas are Mind Benders, Latin or Spanish, sewing, knitting or crocheting, wood carving, wood burning, leather work, photography, paper dolls (with researched outfits and accessories), cultural geography. Perhaps a big literature unit study? Prairie Primer big or just a Harry Potter book with the Build Your Library guide.

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Love everyone's answers! :)


Over here, 4th grade was the year DSs were exposed to music, by each self-teaching how to play the recorder with Penny Gardener's book Nine Note Recorder. They were also really enjoying making things in those mid- to late-elementary grades -- leather crafts, etc.


Hand craft idas:

- sewing

- knitting / crotcheting

- leather working

- soap carving or whittling/wood carving


Outdoor-sy ideas:

- camping and survival skills

- orienteering

- learning to kayak


How about cooking, baking, and/or cake decorating?



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This year for 4th my dd did sewing, she is just about to finish her first quilt.
Next year for 3rd and 5th my girls are doing cooking, the plan is that they have to cook dinner and dessert one night a week building up to cooking a complete meal on their own using recipes.

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