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  1. Beautiful Feet Around the World With Picture Books volume 1 and 2.
  2. Well, I have had many times to try out math. Every time I go with Rod and Staff.....however with my last couple I skipped over k and 1st pretty much. We just do real life math those years.
  3. I did the ancestry test to solve the seeming cryptic message my grandma left when she died. I found out I am like 80% Irish/English/Scandanvian. (Not horribly surprised, my mom is like 70% Irish.) Turns out I am also 14% Iberian which could account for the huge percentage of the O negative blood type in me and my family. I "met" a distant cousin on FB who has a HUGE family data base. Boy, do I have a lot of (living) relatives I had no idea I had.
  4. This year: LLATL Story of the World Apologia Astronomy Pentime Always: Rod and Staff math
  5. This post is excellent. I am glad my DC never found out all the times I switched curricula in my head but never actually implemented. The olders gently remind me not to switch with the younger as much as I did so that means I did switch too much, but I stopped myself a few times. Curriculum Santa. Lol. I do that too.
  6. She was playing devil's advocate by injecting those elements, I think. They are biases other people tend to cite as clues.
  7. Oh, I know it is hard to spot true abuse taking place. It's the getting in after the fact by announcing you suspected a problem thing that I find disturbing. People talk too much (I am not referring to posters in this thread.)
  8. Lots of sobering thoughts. There really is no one thing that is glaringly indicative of an ongoing, serious problem. We all have our biases and preferences, our own set of limitations and expectations. It makes spotting a real problem tough. Sometimes it takes investing in people who you ordinarily aren't naturally drawn to so as to find out if there are needs that need to be met. That's not always easy or practical.
  9. I am upset at the fact that neighbors and relatives and purchasers of their former homes are NOW coming out saying they thought something was off.....yet said nothing up until now. Really? You would dare be one to say, "I was right! Something was wrong there!" I know people jump on the homeschool part of this, but these people did not live in the boondocks (I expected that when I first heard the story). Maybe we should pass laws requiring neighbors to be more engaged with each other. (Sarcasm). There is a fine line between nosing into other people's business and finding out whether kids are in actual peril. Invest in finding out which it is. BTDT.
  10. Smile as Big as the Moon Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio (definitely has language....) Blossoms in the Dust (old movie) Beyond the Blackboard Temple Grandin Front of the Class The Boys Next Door (Tony Goldwyn, actor)
  11. How do I listen to them? (Says the "older" mother who sometimes fails to keep pace with technology... P.S. I mean the audio files. I own the CD sets. I know how to use those. Lol
  12. Mine have learned a ton just by watching Liberty's Kids and Magic School Bus.
  13. Liberty's Kids DVDs. At least for the Revolution era. Steven Traugh's Voices of American History music CDs may spark some interest. It is a series of, I think, three CDs/books. Diana Waring put out some songs years ago. Mostly pioneer era. Schlesinger media has some DVDs for that age. I know none of that is BOOKS, but mine have found those enjoyable. Also, we have watched a variety of historical dramas (For instance, Ruby Bridges and The Watson's Go to Birmingham). For books, Beautiful Feet has some great titles. The booklet called Turning Back The Pages Of Time is likewise very useful.
  14. I have friends who believe the Earth is flat, too. The moon landing was faked. NASA guards the rim. Just look at the flag of the United Nations. It has a flat Earth map on there. (Go look!) There are videos on YouTube. An interview with Commodore Perry where he subconsciously traces the rim of his cup supposedly signaling the non-spherical shape of the planet. I am not convinced, by the way. I have only researched what was being said.
  15. We do our church hotline messages with group texts. Someone once sent the entire church a lovey dovey one she meant to send just to her husband. 😂
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