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readers with workbooks

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After thoughts on phonics readers with workbooks.  I have avoided doing workbooks with readers as I read somewhere ( TWTM may be??) that it wasn't a good idea as they stifle the desire to read and turn it into a chore. but I am wondering if they will improve comprehension of read material? would really appreciate some input on this.


I am looking at  to Fitzroy readers http://www.fitzprog.com.au/  I already have the readers and ds13 has read almost all the way through them starting at the lowest level. This was the key thing with him then being able to read to himself instead of out loud, BUT as I stated in my other post he  does not know what he has read seconds after reading each word.

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Do what's right for your kid, forget everything else.  :001_cool:


Seriously, I've switched over to using reading comprehension guides and book study worksheets with Crazypants. He wasn't picking up vocab from context (like he "should") and would get seriously confused by the story line. He'd get the broad parameters, enough to make a general narration,  but if you dug down with specific questions it'd be clear he didn't understand key events.


With comprehension guides reading could become a worthwhile activity, rather than a waste of time. Hopefully, after a while of this carefully guided reading he'll get to the point where he can choose to look up unfamiliar words and ask himself questions about cause-effect on his own. But until then..... I just tune out the advice that this method is the worst thing in the world.

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The WTM was written for neurotypical learners. My son worked with a Wilson/Slingerland certified O-G reading specialist for 5 years. The tutor used to give my son short stories as homework, and she expected him to answer the comprehension questions. As he read, he drew picture notes in margins and used the notes to answer the comprehension questions.


There is a website called freerice.com that your boy could use to work on vocabulary. DS used freerice for 10 minutes about 3 times per week.

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