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Audio books question


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  • Our library has audiobooks available for download on loan from the Overdrive system. Check your local library.
  • Librivox has quite a variety - but the quality can vary depending on the reader.
  • In the summer, Teen SYNC has two free audiobook downloads each week. (They used to offer one Shakespeare play each summer, but haven't the last two summers. Bummer! I think this last summer was the worst collection they've ever put together, but every summer has a hidden gem. We've discovered some great authors & great series this way. They are only available for one week for each set of two, so you have to keep checking back each week. But, once you have them downloaded, they are yours to keep.)
  • I've picked up some free from one-day-only free downloads from audiobook promotions (Random House Facebook page?). (I just picked up Mr Lemoncello's Library this way.)

We use Overdrive the most. I have one very huge audiobook fan, one who is really starting to love them, but most of my kids like them and will listen if I get one for them. We've switched from CDs from the library to little mp3 players to now old smartphones (with no service) that can play digital downloads (via wifi) from Overdrive, Audible, or some of my SYNC titles.


I also use Audible some - signing up for one or two free credits (or 3 credits for $2 each in a promotion), then cancelling, waiting, and doing it all over again the following year.

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Another option is regular kindle books checked out from the library, with an app like voiceover that reads out loud. It's not as awesome as read by a person, but good. It can also highlight while reading, a great benefit to struggling readers.

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