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DDoS attack


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jeeeez, they're hitting it again :( Tons of services down.  

We get so complacent about cyber security. 

If you want to read up a bit on this topic & how it affects all of us, even if you're not trying to get to twitter or reddit (pinterest & etsy are down for me too, as well as other sites....) 

this essay from last month is excellent 

Someone Is Learning How to Take Down the Internet




adding this too https://krebsonsecurity.com/2016/10/ddos-on-dyn-impacts-twitter-spotify-reddit  because it's about today's attack & also mentions something I keep hearing more & more about - that these may be linked to extortion attempts...

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It's scary that it's happening in waves. France was hit with (I think?) it's worst cyber attack ever just a few weeks ago.


I only know enough to be worried about what could happen and that it seems to be coming.  I sure don't understand what to do about it, but I'm trying not to be a doomsday-er...lol

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