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If my 13yo rolls her eyes or answers "mm-hmmm" to one more question....

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Arrgh!! What do you do about attitude? My oldest REFUSES to step into the logic stage; she still wants her schoolwork to consist of parroting back answers from a book; yet she feels the need to roll her eyes and grunt instead of speaking in complete sentences.


My 11yo seems to be making it his life goal to avoid as much schoolwork as possible, although he's quite adept at doodling all over a page instead of doing the work.


My 6yo is whiney, whiney, whiney (sort of like me, in this post - haha!).


My 2yo is a tornado.


Arrggh! My house is a wreck, I'm not happy with our academics or the attitudes around here, and it's 22 degrees or something ridiculously cold. I need an industrial sized jug of Calgon and 15 minutes to myself!!


Thanks for listening!

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When my was 13 he went through a phase like that too. Thankfully he has moved past it. One help for us was giving him more control over his work. He gets of list of what has to be done in a day,...and done well. When he has finished to my satisfaction he can play his guitar, ride his bike, play with friend etc.

I can't even imagine having so many ages and developmental stage to deal with.

We are also in Maryland and man if it is going to be so cold the least it could do is snow. Then they could play off a little steam. We live in Ocean city and hardly ever see snow. Even if we do hills are few and far between around here to go sledding on.

Think Spring!

Did you take today off for election day? We did!

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Thanks for the suggestion on scheduling. Our afternoon has improved, although the weather hasn't -- now it is sleeting! I agree completely with your comment that the cold might as well bring snow, and my kids are SOOO disappointed that there isn't any snow to play in they can hardly stand it.


We DID take off for election day, and all the kids went to the polls with me. They always find that interesting; I think it seems sort of secretive and serious to them.


Thanks for posting!

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Well, after just so many of those, I tend to say, "HOW DO YOU ANSWER ME????" Which may be followed by writing lines demonstrating an appropriate response to one's parents.... Or, if feeling more sweetly inclined, I may simply say, "And what would be an APPROPRIATE response to that question?" They learned this first from their too easy going Father, from whom I got the idea, LOL.... If a warning does not illicite an immediate and seemingly sincere about-face in terms of attitude, then other attitude adjustments will quickly follow, such as loss of privileges, etc.


(If she can't speak in complete sentences, then she can have the option to write them out, instead... with the length of the essay determined by the teacher....)



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