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Third grade supplement for writing?


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We have been using WWE2 because it is our first year HSing and my 8yo (third grade) had never done dictation. We like it fine--we do two days a week, two activities a day. We're done in 10 minutes.


This feels like very little. What do you add in for your third grader, if anything? My son is a fairly capable writer (was writing way more in PS, which I know is not necessarily the level we need to aim for/may not have been entirely age-appropriate...but it honestly feels like we are doing too little right now) and a very strong reader. One or two other days I have him write a letter or a short story (a few sentences, nothing major), but I am not super creative or prepared with my ideas and prompts and he is kinda lazy with his efforts, so it's a bad combination. ;)


He doesn't complain about writing (print or cursive), just can't think of what to say. Was hoping for a program to supplement for that sort of thing. :)


Thanks all!!

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We used to do IEW but had to drop it as we added for kids to our homeschool.


We are now using Writing and Rhetoric from CAP - not perfect by any means, but it has promise and certainly isn't as complicated as IEW.



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I was looking at this--is the CD necessary? 

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