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Using Vandiver lectures and...

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On my third student using these and finally asking the question that I've always considered (yet not wanted to sound stupid by asking...). Do you have your students watch the lecture FIRST and then read the related section OR read the section and follow it by watching the lecture? Also, does anyone have recommendations for documentaries to watch prior to reading the Iliad and the Odyssey? 

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We read first and then watched though I could make an argument for doing it the other way around.  Vandiver spends a lot of time summarizing what happened in the reading, which could be an aid to comprehension if watched first.  

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For The Odyssey, it's been helpful to listen to the lecture first. I think that has to do with the complexity and unfamiliar form of the text itself. I'd normal argue for doing it the other way around, but for these ancient epics, we're finding it helpful to have the lectures first as it helps with understanding what we read/listen to later.

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