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Suggestions for supplementing FLL?


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I have been using FLL with my eldest for first and second grade, and while she does brilliantly with the memory work and parts of speech, she's really had a hard time retaining capitalization rules. We tested this year (our state requires it) and she bombed the grammar section, which was all about identifying capitalization and punctuation mistakes within a paragraph and correcting them.


She does very well with worksheet-style learning, as well as oral/interactive, and I think she just needs some practice implementing these concepts in a more visual, concrete way (and with more repetition) than what FLL offers. But I'm not sure what resources to pull from for supplementation, where I can just pull out a page every time she needs a little more practice in some concept. The capitalization worksheets I have found online don't seem to be quite rigorous enough. (When the same mistake is made in every sentence on a page, the child isn't actually looking at the sentences critically any more, kwim?)


Suggestions would be greatly appreciated!



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We use Dictation Day By Day to assist with that.  Each is a simple lesson (Sam has a ball. He and I will play with it.), but it gives us the chance to discuss before and after:


"Today I'm going to give you two complete thoughts to write.  What do we call a complete thought?"
"A sentence."
"Right! How do we begin and end a sentence?"
"We begin with a capital letter and end with a period, exclamation point, or question mark."

"Good!  Let's begin."

"Do you have two complete thoughts? Check them."


"Where else should you make sure you have a capital letter?"
"I - because I am important, too!"

Every.single.day until it is memorized, we use the same questions, same answers, only varying to add the capitalization rule for others' names (to reinforce proper nouns).  It's learned, it's repeated, it's practiced until it is intuitive.  Then I will add in correcting work (Editor In Chief) and we'll practice more.

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Yes, it does. But I find the corresponding practice sheets, pull them, then do them.


It might not follow along concept to concept perfectly ( or it may, I don't recall any trouble flipping through to find right pages), it's so easy though to grab the worksheets needed, I tear out the pages I need . I just find its easier for my guys to do them flat on a hard surface rather than in the book.


It's been a really good compliment for us. :)

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