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    DD 26- graduated homeschool.in college. Married. Paramedic.
    Gave me a grandbaby 4 yay!
    DD 24- graduated homeschool. In college
    Ds 20- homeschooled til senior yr. Career started and in college
    Ds 12- PS. Now homeschooled. LC.
    Ds 10- PS. Now homeschooled . LC.

    Hm sch. 19 yrs.
    Married 28 yrs

    Too many curriculums to list lol.
    Lots and lots of practice over here :)

    I do not take myself too seriously . life's too short for that :)

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    Sunny Florida and love it!!!! :)
  1. ....very sorry to hear that krissi. Praying for you and your family
  2. Hi guys, I chatted on her back in Nov. And Dec...and you all were so warm, loving, funny, included everyone , And just a nice warm sunny group of folks :) I took about 5 mo off to do LC testings for my boys. When I came back I thought to myself ...self? Lol I wonder if the ignore me thread is still there...and it is! I was so glad to see it still here :) I asked some questions about my lil guys and....I just wanted to come say hi ! Hi! Lol Also, it warms my heart to see everyone still supporting each other , being humorous, warm I mean....I've read just a little
  3. Hey Hunter :) I sent you a message by my phone locked up on messager locks up sometimes. I think it's mayb too full. Need to clear some. I just wanted to let you know about that other thing I sent you. I hope you can. You're a wealth of knowledge and awesome to talk to :)
  4. I missed a ton. I'm gonna have to go back and read and check out the links :)
  5. Hunter you're so awesome! Thanks for doing that. I'm gonna check em out :)
  6. Big hugs . My oldest has CP. It's a tough journey. It's a hard thing and completely mind boggling (which makes reconciling it in our minds) that they can be so incredibly bright on one hand. Yet, so many deficits in others. Sounds like you have a very bright kiddo :) We don't have the stroke aspect , but my daughter is now 26, functioning very well, in college and doing great . has a baby, married and lives a completely 'normal' like. We went through years of therapies, series of castings and braces. Speech, ot, PT, and learning to walk again . She says now she is suc
  7. It's funny you would mention your child seeing the order and organization and such. We struggle over here...lots. I've been working with them...whew.. It could seem like none of it was doing any good. All of a sudden out if nowhere few days ago my dd12 that has had so much reading trouble...picked up a book and wound up reading 2 and a half stories from different books. Then today?? Now, I haven't been able to get any details out if him. Trouble with what kind of details etc. He wrote a book! Pictures, a story and it was a story that he completely made up himself! It was
  8. Farmers almanac. I can't remember when the first one became available , but my family members ,of their most precious books handed down , aside from the family Bible...next was the farmers almanac. I could be wrong , but I'm thinking cookbooks came ...wasn that around the turn if the century ? The 1900's timeframe? Of the 10 books you were listing /brainstorming about a little bit upthread. I would think to add.. In some homes certainly the strongs concordance, Shakespeare still. Though I believe the shift from British books became a bit less prevalent as America started to ac
  9. That's interesting that you would bring that up. As I was talkin to vaquitita earlier( I must have just missed you on her post) we were talking about the McGuffey s , Free Treadwell's, and Elsons. Afterwards I thought, wow, I maybe kinda sound like a possible book snob lol. Which would be the inverse of the chronological snobbery. Thinking what is old is inferior. I sure could be guilty of being a book snob I suppose. I adore the old books. The new ones? IMO, jus dint compare, well most of them. We have watered down our literature . I did read if C.S.Lewis and this line
  10. Well, I think it's important and here's why. I use fll, wwe and SOTW (SOTW in smaller doses BC NY guys are LC) Swb made wwe specifically for reaching the eventual writer to ...write. Writing is very important weather you kiddos are college bound ir not. You use it in business etc. I know SOTW does narrations too. If you open both books , wwe and SOTW, Apple for apples....you get a bigger bang *for writing* buck with wwe. WWE is written *for* the beginning writer. SOTW is written as it pertains to history with history being the focus. That may sound like semantics or
  11. Plus...I believe that was the time period (pretty sure) that homesteading was big. If you worked the land for varying amount of years ( usually 10) you got to 'own' the land. That would draw huge numbers of people. George Washington Carver's account of this is fascinating. Those coming from foreign lands were destitute. They NEEDED thst land for them and their families . That's all big news, partly BC it drew large amounts of people. History books will focus in the happenings of the times.
  12. I agree Of Plimoth Plantation. To speak to what you brought up earlier about the books about the frontier, yet, we know through writings, there were books in homes...my personal take on that is this. The frontier movement was so vicious ( things and people they encountered), such a long treacherous haul made by large numbers of people...they had alot if experiences going on at the time. If you look back at the settling of the colonies, you could see the same thing. Diaries they wrote, many journal entries had they been 'published' would be the equivalent to the short stories we see f
  13. .....not only is the HFA/ASD diagnosis important for funding, fir us, it's been essential in targeting therapies and making progress. We hit a rut of spinnin our wheels for a short time. The diagnosis, changed the way therapy was employed. I've worked with both boys, since my oldest was diagnosed , the same way. Knowing more 'how to' has made a difference for us. Eta' and will be the course if action for future therapies. Treating ADHD looks different than plans in place for HFA/ASD. Maybe a different doc can refer you to different places/types if therapy? Maybe? :)
  14. Yes, someone mentioned intiv . we use that for nighttime for my 12 yo. He has it for a number if reasons, so it helps. I'm not sure for him we see an improvement in the ADHD part, it elliviated other things tho. His ADHD is pretty...*powerful* lol. So maybe that's why we don't see it help the ADHD.
  15. The NP we went to perscribed med for my guy with very low processing speed. I haven't gotten them filled. She sweared by it. I've been having trouble making that leap yet tho. OTOH, I feel like I'm doing him an injustice if it did work. My DS 12 is on them. I guess, I probably should try it. Sigh. Hard to know what to do in these cases. I know I need to try. ...jus..hard. I'm going to follow this post to see what experience others have with it. Hard. :/
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