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    DD 26- graduated homeschool.in college. Married. Paramedic.
    Gave me a grandbaby 4 yay!
    DD 24- graduated homeschool. In college
    Ds 20- homeschooled til senior yr. Career started and in college
    Ds 12- PS. Now homeschooled. LC.
    Ds 10- PS. Now homeschooled . LC.

    Hm sch. 19 yrs.
    Married 28 yrs

    Too many curriculums to list lol.
    Lots and lots of practice over here :)

    I do not take myself too seriously . life's too short for that :)

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    Sunny Florida and love it!!!! :)
  1. exactly what she said...even down to the point if easy grammar . I use it in combination with ...lots of other things. Can't beat easy grammar for straight grammar. I wan analytic grammar tho too lol
  2. Yes 'em. :) I had someone else just recently say the Same thing. My concern has been, confidence to the gut for him . He's got some pretty significant challenges . But ya know....he just might do well with it :) So, thanks for that. I read what you wrote and thought. How incredibly simple :) I started by oldest child in it the first year it came out. So yep. Thsts a what ima gonna do :) Thanks
  3. Hi Jackie ! Welcome :) Yes ma'am..you did the right thing coming here. There's tons of great advice and some wonderful ladies here. First thing I did was delve in and read everything I could :) Have questions? Ask em girl lol. It is an exciting journey isn't it:) Congrats on taking the plunge. It's awesome time spent with our kiddos :)
  4. We have those too bluebonnetgirl. I've gotten some good advice on the k8 thread too from ladies thst know my boys issues. I'm kinda thinking I'm going to try prima latina by memoria press. That's their intro to latin curriculum. They teach it in elementary ages. For my big kids I used Latina Christiana by the same, MP . Oddly enough , my ds12 on the spectrum , is constantly pickin IP his older siblings Latina Christiana books and insisting I teach him this lol. I'm so surprised. I did start of with the very basics ....he LOVED it and wanted more. Was a mom , deer in the headlights, moment lol. Ok. Well then. :/ So I'm gonna try prima latina, and a friend of mine on the other boards pm'ed me a program she put together a basic beggining that she put together from things she already had, added to, and tweaked for what she knows about ds12. I'm having hubby print that out for me. -he looooves when I do that he he (not!lol). And I'm goin to try some of the things above too. I hope someone adds more to your question too. There's lots to Latin esp when you put our kids that are on the spectrum into the mix. Hope we get some more answers :)
  5. Hey there, I'm sorry about that. I just checked again to be sure...I'm not seeing it. I will send you and invite right now k? :) Sorry again. I just don't see it anywhere. We aren't ignoring you :) Invite will be on its what in a few k? Thanks for lettong me know
  6. I have them learn Shakespeare too. Socrates, Plato and Aristotle go back further to the true start and spine of classically educating.
  7. Aristotle. Socrates, I need to pull our my books on Socrates and see what we've used. I need to get in thst too...we are approaching that level for my boys too. I need to find the Socrates book I used with my oldest kids. You could Google Socrates books and get them from the library so you don't have to buy them, see what you like best ...then buy it. Maybe try the library too. They'll have things from Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, that you can see and use before you buy. I day buy, because its something you'll use over and over again. Veritas press has a slew of these kinds of books too. I would love 1 of everything from veritas press :)
  8. Mind maps work great for my boys. It is a good starter, esp to have the visual of the "why" to outline. We use mind maps here for almost everything. Sets in their well...mind lol ETA: I read after I posted this, your DC is having trouble seeing the why of it all. Mind mapping gives that to my boys. It sets a picture in their minds to springboard off of.
  9. It's open to all. The veteran homeschooler comes in , in That those that have homeschooled awhile, can help those that haven't homeschooled as long. But an important part is, veteran homeschoolers learn from moms who haven't schooled as long. I learn all the time from newer homeschoolers . they have lots of great ideas, fun things to do, newer curriculum that are out and we aren't familiar with. It really goes both ways. We are all here to help each other. Learn from, and share with each other. We have public schooler's too, after schoolers. It's to share and get encouragement , support. Learning challenges support, hubby support lol ;) It is for all to glean what we can from each other. Yes, veteran homeschooler is in the title. But so is encourage and support. Things aren't easy these days. It a place to share and help each other in all facets of life really. And?....it's fun! Ha-ha ;) I like fun...and happy, I like happy too . It's a great group of ladies, so if you're interested , let me know . :)
  10. I know, that's a good thing. We have ladies who want to share more private things not viewed to the public. Plus, it's good to have a place thst aligns a lil more with their own thoughts and ideas. The ignore this thread too is an awesome support group. I love that group of ladies. :) This is a more targeted group and more intimate. Where they feel secure in sharing things that wouldn't be said in a more public setting. I'm glad to have the boards too. Been a valuable thing for me, just like this comment tho, they won't have ...any fear if backlash. A place of support and positivity. :) Glad your getting good stuff on the boards. I am too. :) There are lots of groups. It doesn't mean we don't like or want the boards . love the boards :) Just a more intimate, private place to hang your hat and get to know each other, brainstorm ideas, share about curriculum. Those kinds of things. It's nice to know there is a place like thst to be. Encouraging and positive :)
  11. Katilac, You make a good point. I've been tossing that around I'm my head. I think? I'm gonna give 'er a whirl lol Thanks, that was the pish I needed. Gonna :)
  12. Hi all, I changed the settings so you should b able to just click a join link, then it will come to me. I push a button and boom! You're done :) BL.M. I sent you the invite....it should be waiting. But I changed the settings to make it easier for people after that. Just let me know if you don't have it, or it doesn't show on your groups soon k? Thanks and very glad to have you , Kat
  13. ....very sorry to hear that krissi. Praying for you and your family
  14. Hi guys, I chatted on her back in Nov. And Dec...and you all were so warm, loving, funny, included everyone , And just a nice warm sunny group of folks :) I took about 5 mo off to do LC testings for my boys. When I came back I thought to myself ...self? Lol I wonder if the ignore me thread is still there...and it is! I was so glad to see it still here :) I asked some questions about my lil guys and....I just wanted to come say hi ! Hi! Lol Also, it warms my heart to see everyone still supporting each other , being humorous, warm I mean....I've read just a little bit of this and....warm fuzzies :) You guys are awesome. Has been a nice encouragement on some not so encouraging days ;/ Thanks :)
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