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Lady Florida.

Why is the search feature so difficult?

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I rarely find what I'm looking for in a search and I've heard others talk about the search feature here too. How does it work? It doesn't seem to ever be able to find keywords and when you search for a member's posts it doesn't give all of them. In fact, it doesn't give their most recent posts either.


As an example, there was a thread on the Chat board about Venezuela's economic crisis. I saw a recent article today and wanted to link in in that thread. I don't remember the exact title of the thread, but I do remember some words. I searched the following keywords, both in titles only and in titles and content:




economic crisis


I didn't remember who started the thread or who else posted in it, but I remember the user named Lanny posted in it as he lives in Columbia, so I searched his posts.



None of the above brought up the thread. Sometimes it told me nothing was found, other times it brought up completely unrelated posts.


It's not so much about this particular thread and search - I just used it as an example. This happens often, nearly every time I search. I am very good at google searches, but whatever method is used on WTM it isn't very good. 

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I was using Google to search the boards more effectively, but now that also seems to bring up only a few random, old threads. I will search using keywords I know have been used on this forum and even Google brings up no results. I'd love to know why.

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