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Help with planning WWE & MCT LA for the year

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I'm getting a bit confused with all the options available for grammar/composition/vocab for my 4th-grade-ish dd8. She is just finishing up FLL4 and has done very well, though she is a somewhat reluctant writer.


Here are my ideas:

-WWE Level 2 or 3 - not sure exactly where to jump in here but TWTM has been so great so far and the open-and-go is just too good to pass up

-Latina Christiana I

-MCT Grammar Island & Practice Island

-MCT Building Vocabulary

-MCT Musical Hemispheres


My question is if it would be wise to use MCT Sentence Island as the writing component along with WWE or if that is way too much. If you had to choose between WWE and MCT writing, which would you choose? I already have WWE materials but haven't yet purchased MCT. Also, does the MCT vocab dovetail nicely with Latin studies or is this overkill as well? I'm thinking particularly of the future levels when we'll get to Caesar's English and beyond.



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I can only answer some of your questions.


I used FLL up to half way to level 2. Then switched to MCT LA. For island I got everything you listed plus sentence. Even though I got sentence island, I am not planning on using the writing component from MCT. The sentence island is very good. I wouldn't pass that up if you,can afford it. My ds loves everything about MCT.


Along with MCT, we use WWE. I don't think it's too much so far and we are about 1/3 into MCT sentence. Done with grammar and building language. Still working on music of the hemisphere and practice island. Please note, we are only doing WWE once a week.


So far, I just read sentence island to him. It reads like a story.


We are also studying latin. But song school latin is probably an easier program than the one you mentioned.


I am planning on using caesars english and latin together.


Is it too much to do both WWE and MCT writing? I don't know. I will say that I'm using brave writer and WWE together. All three are just so different. I'mnot going to pursue MCT's writing component.


Hope this helps.

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Sentence island and WWE would be great together. Sentence island focuses on the parts of writing great sentences. Wwe complements it without being repetitive. So Sentence Island will have a chapter story on subject/verb agreement or a chapter on fragments or sentences stating a complete thought, etc. It focuses on writing and analyzing great sentences as the foundation of writing before they move onto paragraphs and essays. WWE focuses on narration, dictation and copywork of seeing great sentences and summarizing story events. This is all developmentally appropriate to combine together, IMO. Then, they can start working on paragraphs sooner without delaying the writing process.


Building Language is gentle and explains where words come from. The Poetry is gentle, as well. There is some free writing no encouraged with Poetry in writing their own poem with certain sounds. But it really breaks down the patterns and rhythms in poetry and makes it less intimidating.


I don't think MCT, WWE and Latin would be overkill. It doesn't all have to be done every single day if it does happen to be a lot for you. Maybe on the days you write poetry, you take a break from WWE. It all dovetails nicely. The best thing about MCT is how it all fits together and shows the big picture of language and brings the daily exercises to life.

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