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Instagram gurus! I need help!


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I am setting up an IG account for a local nonprofit. As the communications director I would like to be the primary contact person--I will be handling all content and so forth-- but I don't want to have the account directly linked to my personal email address (for obvious reasons). Also, I would like to sync the Facebook page with IG, again avoiding using my account as the middle man.


Basically I need to be in control, yet keep my personal information out of it.



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I think that would be ideal. However, if I do that correspondence won't come directly to me, and I really need to be the primary contact. At least, for now.

Set up an email for this volunteer position under the organization's web host. You can forward it to your personal email and still reply via that address. When you no longer serve in that role, you can stop the forward and hand it to the next person.

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