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German young adult books


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Can you suggest any fun German young adult books?


I'm in a German book club that tackles tough contemporary books and sometimes they feel like too.much.work... I'm placing my yearly German book order and want to add on some books that I'd actually want to read, maybe that could be described as fun.


I've recently read Never Ending Story (halfway through), Tintenherz (whole thing, couldn't make it through others), some detective novels (but they got too graphic in describing some s*xual crimes). I became a semi-fluent German reader through Sherlock Holmes and Agatha Christie, the books my friends in Germany lent to me! I'd rather read things written originally in German and that tend either toward lightheartedness or tackling social issues. I don't like darkness that is just made up for the sake of darkness.






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You might want take look here:


A German reading list for Dutch Highschoolers.

It gives descriptions about the books.


The levels are more about 'maturity' then reading levels.

Level 1 is about grade 8/9

Level 5/6 is about grade 12.



Is about the reading / language level. (From low to High)



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I have the same problem.  Why do Germans have to write about such serious, weighty topics all the time?  I've also ended up reading a lot of YA stuff.


There's lots more Cornelia Funke - the rest of the Tintenwelt books, but she's also written a bunch of other YA.  Also, Kai Meyer has written quite a bit.  I read a trilogy of his that was really odd (magic, Venice, carnivorous mermaids, and flying ships full of mummies (like from Egypt) attacking the world - and oh yeah, a trip to Hell), but quite readable.  He's quite prolific.  And Michael Ende also wrote Momo, which was quite good.


Oh, and I loved Die neuen Leiden des jungen W. by Ulrich Plenzdorf.  Fun to read.  Almost made me want to read Die Leiden des jungen Werthers.  Almost.


As for 'adult' fare that's not so weighty, I have an acquaintance that reads a lot of German books (though translated into Spanish... they aren't available in English and she doesn't speak German...)  anyway, she recommended a book or series to me set in New Zealand (but written in German).  Sounds fluffy.  I keep meaning to ask her for author recommendations.

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