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How does this sound for First Grade?


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I am looking for a language arts program for my 6 yo dd who is doing ETC workbook 3.5, Teaching your child to read in 100 easy lessons and Phonics pathways with McGuffey First reader and other library readers. Before this, she had finished Spectrum Reading Kindergarten and Treasure's Readings and its activity book.

I came across this Language Arts a few days ago. Has anyone used this?
Is this an all-in-one meaty LA Curriculum? Does it need any supplementing? I hope to get some feedback on the Good and Beautiful LA curriculum. What are your thoughts and opinions ? Are they complete? Can it be used as a spine? From what I am reading on their website, they sound like something I'd like, but I'd love some honest feedback from those of you who have actually used it or reviewed it.

I'm also very curious about Treasure workbooks and Evan moor Spelling and Grammar(Evan moor building spelling skills and Evan moor Grammar and punctuation) books.. Can we use them together? How does Good and Beautiful LA compare to the Evan moor books that I am very interested in? I have a nagging feeling that I'm missing something and I'm curious to see what your opinions are regarding this course? If I need to supplement, then which books (Treasures or Evan moor) will be a good and solid choice with Good and Beautiful LA curriculum?

Any thoughts, opinions, or how you use this curriculum in your home school would be greatly appreciated! 

Thanks in advance! 


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I haven t heard of it before so took a look since the PDF is free. It sounds a little advanced for 1st grade but it depends on the kid though. My 1st grader couldnt do it but maybe yours can.


I think it looks decent enough considering its free and I would consider using it if I wasn't already happy using CLE LA.


It is written by an LDS lady which I was surprised about as LDS curriculum is hard to find ...so the Christian content is slanted towards their teachings but can be generalised for any Christian beliefs as most of it doesnt seem faith specific.


I think its fine for a free curriculum and better then some I have paid for.

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I'm looking through the Grade 1 and it looks pretty good for a free resource.  I was planning on using CLE LA 1 but now I'm wondering if this could work.  My DD is a bit advanced, I wouldn't use this with a first grader who wasn't reading yet though.  I'm curious if anyone has tried this because it does look like it could work but I'd love to hear from someone who's used it.

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