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Explore results? (Feb 20th)

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Just wondering if anyone whose child took the test in February has gotten results back yet?

I'm really excited and curious to know how DS did. This having to wait five weeks has been hard. I don't understand in this day and age why things can't be graded almost instantly. When I took the GRE 15 years ago-I walked out with my scores then and there. So this is just a wait with me thread for all those who are checking the mail daily now.

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You may want to check with whoever you did the test through. DD did the EXPLORE 3x and the SAT once, and every time the talent search provider got the results before I did. Twice, I got the "interpreting your child's score" expanded report from Belin-Blank before the actual score report from ACT arrived (the third time they arrived the same day, but in fairness, Iowa City had been under blizzard conditions the week or so before, and they apologized in the cover letter for the delay!), and I found out DD's SAT scores when CTY contacted me to verify her grade level for awards.

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