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Hi :)


I need some college (online) courses. I am looking at Straighterline for some (They're self-study)... Particularly... Statistics & Probability... College Algebra... Geography... And World History... 


Anyone have good options for (cough cough... easy to do/succeed at) college courses?  I am doing Grad courses at the same time... so I'm not trying for intensive ;)




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My dc's have been using Straighterline and our experiences have been really positive. So far they (as in one or the other) have done English Composition (both kids, the Prof is really good, ds especially improved hugely), Business Statistics, Business Ethics, and Intro to Computing C++.


Other than CLEP exams Straighterline is the best option in terms of cost for lower level credits that dh has been able to find. Clep has both College Algebra and Western Civ as options.


The experience has been really positive in terms of getting questions answered and any technical difficulties. Their staff is really responsive.


Eta...We had no problem at all transferring their credits but we did check before signing up for the courses. We saved a lot of money. Btw they did learn quite a bit in these classes.

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