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Notebooking - what to keep when you're done?

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My kids are out of the elementary/middle school age where we did a ton of notebooking.  We have beautiful notebooks for a science, history, art history, unit studies, etc..  I'm not clearing out everything we don't need for high school in anticipation of moving.  They never look at them.  If I weren't a sentimental person, I would toss them.  I probably should toss them.  But oh the little pictures of them doing projects, their handwritten notes, drawings...


My boys will never want to look at them again.  I haven't looked at them myself until I wanted to clear out.  But still.



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I keep a representative sample of my kids' work from each year of school. The amount I keep from one school year takes up about a quarter to a third of a 2-inch binder. I keep the binders on a shelf in my office. I only save their best work and recycle the rest. In this way I can be a little sentimental but avoid cluttering up my house.


Once in a while, the kids enjoy looking back at their work from years ago and laugh at their childish writing or their handwriting. It is nice to be able to look back and appreciate their progress.

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If it's definitely too much to pack up and move with you what about taking pictures? Take some snaps of your favorite pages and maybe of the kids holding them up? If you have room save one for each child as a memento? Or maybe take out some of your favorite pages for a future scrapbook? Good luck!

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