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Bede's History - Veritas Press


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DS loves Bede. We've only been using the first book, History of Me, but I think I will get the next one when we are done. It is a very basic book with very simple text and exercises/crafts. The only problem we had is that DS always wanted to keep going so we were were moving past the holidays that haven't come up yet, like we did St. Patrick in the fall. Obviously it would be better to do those pages at the right time of year. Some of the tidbits have fascinated DS like about planting corn with fish in the pilgrim section. I'm not sure where we left off when I put it aside to catch up with the calendar so we could be in sync with the holidays referenced but so far it's served its purpose. It's been interesting to DS and requested. Honestly I'm not sure if he paid attention to the point of some of the exercise about timelines but he enjoyed them. A lot of the first ones gave information, like dates and places for the colonies or timelines of first toys and then had it put in a timeline. I don't know that he could follow the dates and info on colonies to really put it in a timeline or do the same with toys but it was interesting to him. For that reason maybe it would be better for an older child? Not sure really when a child could do that. You could always buy it and decide about doing it now or later. If you do buy it just know that it seems to be intended to be used with a school calendar starting in the fall unless you want to skip around to match up the holidays.

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I'm doing Bede (US) with a first grader and kindergartner this year.  I feel very neutral about it.  The topics are good ones for the most part and the activities are mostly at their level.  I think the actual pages vary between being too simple or over their heads.  I don't think it really hits the sweet spot for us.  I find myself often looking for a picture book to substitute instead of reading the information on the page.  I'm not sure I could have done better though, so I don't want to be too hard on it.  If I had youngers coming up through, I wouldn't do the program again.  But I don't dislike it enough to change mid year. 

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