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Sun Dried Tomatoes----need appetizer ideas for tonight


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I have an informal gathering to go to tonight.  I need to bring a simple finger food type thing.


I bought a huge package of sun dried tomatoes in oil yesterday.  I also have feta cheese, moz. cheese, cream cheese, bacon, some crackers, etc.


Any great ideas for me?  Needs to transport well as I need to leave the house 1 1/2 hours before the party starts.


If it matters this is a very laid back, jeans and hoodies type party, nothing fancy at all.

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I hope it's okay that I googled!  All of these have really good reviews and are from sites that I would personally trust.

You could make this sun dried tomato spread, subbing out your crackers for bread, and your feta for goat cheese.


Ooh, here's a quick and easy feta and sundried tomato dip especially for crackers!  You could sub the Greek yogurt with plain yogurt or sour cream.


And here's a hot spread using the sun dried tomatoes and a lot of cheese.


I usually keep just sun dried tomatoes on hand (not on oil)--I'm thinking I should pick more up today!  I hope you find a great dip and have fun at your party!


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Thanks.  Those look good.    I might try the middle one as it is just very quick and easy and doesn't have to be hot.  The bottom one looks super duper yummy but might be harder to do as I have to bring foster son to a visit 30 minutes one way and then drive 30 minutes another way to get to the party, etc.

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