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I need some guidance!

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Depends on what their clinical psych has decided to specialize in.  Sometimes the major difference is the length of testing.  Your SLP ran a lot of good stuff.  It would be helpful to see a psych, get an IQ, see if there are any additional SLDs (math or dysgraphia would be common), see if there are any comorbid diagnoses (ADHD), etc.  But really, what remains is so mundane probably a clinical psych could do it, no problem.  Since you pay by the hour for evals (even when it's a lump sum), you might as well not pay for more than you need.  If they're happy with their psych, maybe it would be a good fit?


Sounds like you got a lot of answers in your evals.  Welcome to the boards.  Have you figured out your game plan next?

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Have you written Barton about your comprehension issues?  My ds had very low scores on the CELF5 (similar to the CASL), and basically the *executive function* problems affect something called meta-linguistics, noticing the details.  So I think probably within the language testing you've already had there are some answers there.  The problem is looking at all those subtests, finding the discrepancies and unexpected low scores, and then figuring out what to DO about it.  


So, for instance, in the CELF5 my ds turned out to have crazy poor single sentence comprehension.  It didn't matter if it was read to him or he read it, he literally wasn't comprehending it.  So that's not a reading problem but a language problem, a meta-linguistics problem, an executive function problem.  For that I'm doing some grammar programs that focus on helping them noticing the bits.  He wasn't understanding prepositions, the antecedents for pronouns, NOTHING.  All with a 99th percentile vocabulary!!  So the Barton story could say something like "The frog was on the log" and he would not understand.  


So you might start with the tests you already have and look at them for discrepancies.  Test scores will have raw scores, percentiles, and standard scores.  Anything that is 1.5-2 standard deviations different is noteworthy.  It will say on the score sheets what the standard deviations are, or you can ask your SLP to help you understand what you're seeing.  It might be the psych at their practice has studied those tests to learn how to interpret them, even though they aren't a neuropsych.  All you need is someone to help you understand what you already have an run an IQ and things to fill in the gaps.  That way you can say ok the IQ is here and these scores for such and such are unexpectedly low and a problem.  


So for us the comprehension is coming from the ASD and EF issues affecting meta-linguistics.  I've seen posts from people on other boards saying they got through Barton 9 but their dc couldn't actually READ as they had at that point decoding but no comprehension.  Sigh.  That's why we're all in working on this meta-linguistics stuff.  I really don't know though, am just in the middle of it.

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