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How do you handle your copy work / dictation with your dc?


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We are just starting to get into this.....


dd7 copied 3 sentences on Monday (~10 min of copy work time)

she did very well on that

we picked 1 sentence from it for her copy work for the week

she practiced that Tues, Wed, Thurs

today we tried dictation

I gave her a phrase at a time & repeated it while she wrote it

I imagine I will be able to cut back on how much I have to repeat as she

gets used to "dictation"

she had 4 spelling mistakes in the dictation


-do I make her rewrite that whole sentence again with the correct spelling?

-should she correct just the words?

-when she practiced the copy work we did focus on those words that she knew she *might* have trouble spelling

-should I have corrected her dictation as she went along? so those spelling mistakes weren't written wrongly in the first place?


How do you do it?

I need to get a copy work / dictation groove so I we do the same thing every time!



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I'd say that was well done.

Personally, I'd just have her re-copy the words.


Then give her the dictation again, perhaps?


Love to hear what others have to say! I sometimes pre-write really difficult words on the board or tell my son how to write them. He freezes up too much otherwise. His anxiety level about spelling is just far too high.

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I think this sounds great! Yes, you will have to repeat less as they become more accustomed to it, I think. I would only have her recopy the words missed. I try to watch when my children are writing and correct them before they misspell, so that they don't have an incorrect picture of the word in their mind. I don't always catch them, but I try. I just tend to think it makes it simpler for them to remember the correct spelling that way.



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We correct spelling errors in dictation by just having DD correct the words. We've never actually tried doing copywork first and then using that for dictation. We just switched to straight dictation half way through 3rd grade. One other possibility might be keeping you dictation sentences shorter and simpler so that they are closer to her spelling level. I know I personally would never expect my girl's to be able to spell some of the sentences I have them use for copywork on their own in 1st and 2nd, but I tend to use sentences that are at their reading level which is higher than their spelling level in those grades.



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