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Favorite poetry anthologies (middle school age)?

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Yes, ideally I would be going through stacks of books and flagging the ones that speak to me. In the interest of poetry actually happening here  ;), care to share your favorite sources?

I guess I'll state that the Candlewick illustrated anthology was just about perfect. http://www.amazon.com/Classic-Poetry-Candlewick-Illustrated/dp/076364210X/ref=pd_sim_b_4?ie=UTF8&refRID=07T4PJZ686WD4MBJBGJR


I ordered the "Rose, How did you get that Red" from the library, but typos on the very first few pages turned me off and back it went.

That's all I have by way of contribution.


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ETA: I missed the "middle school" part of your title when I first replied.. these may be on the young side (the books have pictures) but I hope some of it could still help you. 


I like the Golden Treasury of Poetry, edited by Louis Untermeyer. He provides some background on the poet or poem, which I find interesting.



That said, I'd also like to step up the poetry in our school. Right now, we get poetry through our Language Arts selection - English Lessons Through Literature by Kathy deVore. She selects enough poems from famous poets that my son is starting to recognize them by name and he's learning to appreciate how poets create images through strong word selections or analogies (we spend a couple of minutes discussing the poem after we read it). 



I was also looking at this collection by HomeschoolFreebie of the Day, they have it on sale at $4 until Friday (normally $15).

http://www.wholesomechildhood.com/poetryfiresale/ (this link has the list of items included)

http://www.wholesomechildhood.com/PrivateSale/ (this link has the $4 price)


All the best in your search! 


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