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Reading Comprehension

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This is "testing week" for DS, so DD decided that she wanted to try a GED practice test for fun (she's finishing up 8th grade).  I think that's a good idea because it will give me an idea of where she is as we start high school in the fall.  


Today she did the language arts sections, and really, she did very well.  But her weakest area by far was nonfiction reading comprehension, including interpreting charts, graphs, etc.  Is there a way to study this formally?  Should we?  Or is this something that she will learn simply by doing high school?  Do I need to look into some kind of reading comprehension course/workbooks to add to our high school plans?

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Just go over the charts or graphs or maps or whatever as you come across them----anything is fair game for a teaching moment! You could find them in her textbooks, or in the newspaper (physical or online), in something you come across through social media, in the junk mail, whatever.


Read the graphic. See how the axes are labeled in a graph? What units are being used? Is this chart answering a question? How does it relate to the story? What if one part of the data was different--how would things change? And so on :)


Dd used to love to read maps in her history books. We'd pull out the atlas and compare old boundaries to current boundaries. We'd talk about the mountains and bodies of water, if there were many cities, and speculate about the life of the people at that time. I would search online to find answers to her questions.

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