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WTM Academy or Athena's: any experience with these classes?

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Dd12 is considering these classes for next fall and we'd like any reviews or information about teachers, expectations, and time commitments. This will be her first experience with online classes and she is already signed up for Lukeion Latin 1, so we want to avoid overloading her. I also want to make sure the classes are as stimulating and enjoyable as can reasonably be expected. :001_smile:


Classes under consideration are WTM Academy Expository Writing I, WTM Academy Saxon Algebra I, and Athena's Advanced Academy Middle School Chemistry.



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This year (2014-2015) my dd took 4 Athena classes (Sherlock Holmes, Meet Artist, Literature, and Etiquette).  My ds  is taking the full year Physics class.  My dd also is taking the Expository Writing 1 class with WTMA.  


This was our first year of online classes.  I did not know what to expect.  Athena's Academy classes are great enrichment classes.  My children love that they did not have to be accountable to their teacher for their work.  Athena's Academy is VERY clear up front that parental involve is required.  The weekly lessons are followed up with several video links and articles to enhance the subjects discussed.  My dd really enjoyed the Sherlock Holmes sessions.  My ds is learning a lot form the Athena Physics sessions.  I believe they could have both learned a lot more.  The parent guidance was hard to insert because the teacher did not require it.  


The Expository Writing at WTM is a class that requires accountability.  I see measurable results in my daughter's writing.  


In the fall my dd is taking Expository Writing 2,  Creative Writing (because she wants another class with KaylaMeyers) , Geography, SoTW middle ages and Study Skills at WTMA.  My ds is taking Expository 1  & Study Skills at WTMA.  I have no future plans for Athena class.  


This is my experience.   I don't know how to link another post.  Somewhere on the forum I read SWB checklist of things to think about when selecting online classes.   I wish I had read that checklist last year.

I hope this helps.

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