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need to vent . . .


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about my sils.  they both care for mil.   they volunteered - and get paid plenty for it!  dear-niece (who is currently living with her mother - and mil)  and I have both agreed $1M a day wouldn't be enough for either of us.  (and dh still controls mil's finances . . . he does it because he loves his mother, and has a very deep sense of duty. not because he's getting paid, which he isn't.  I've put him on notice there might come a day I will demand he stop. our family comes first.  his caretaking of his mother's finances has cost him ALOT in the past.)


1sil is leaving the area for several months for a family emergency.


when I heard about the family emergency taking away 1sil - (after being very concerned for the family member) I was thrilled 2sil will actually HAVE TO TAKE CARE OF HER MOTHER, instead of just having people fawn on her for being such a dutiful daughter having her mother live with her while other people do the work.  (color me petty.)


apparently 1sil suggested 2sil's dil help (and get paid) - but 2sil thought she meant me.   


so-  last night, dh got an e-mail from 2sil asking if I would be available to help for three months. . . . .


2sil manipulated her dh into allowing mil to move in with them. (mil is separate from the rest of the house.)  she wanted to take care of her.   she pawns mil's actual hands on care off on others - and get's paid for having her in her house.


I'm just frequently aggravated by this woman, and needed to vent.  I can't really do it with my own family.  dh is completely supportive of me NOT going over there and helping, and also thinks 2sil has lots of chutzpah in the things she frequently expects others to do.

 If everything was peachy keen and wonderful - I might help.  MIGHT.  because even though mil can betimes be incredibly aggravating herself, I've come to respect her and actually look forward to meeting her in the next life when she doesn't have a broken brain.  I would not feel comfortable being paid for helping either. I wasn't paid for helping my mother, nor was dh for being her trustee/executor.)


Okay, I'm done.  I feel better now.

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