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Any online classes for Algebra 2, Geometry, Pre-calculus, and Calculus/

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Not vast experience here but our very mathy DS started Derek Owens geometry this January and it's going very well. You can find it online to learn more. We wanted a rigorous course that didn't require ANY help from mom (she abhorred geometry), and this fit our bill and fits your description. He also offers precalculus and calculus.

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Yes, check out Wilson Hill Academy.  ds13 is in their Geometry class this year after AoPS Intro to Algebra last year.  It is a strong program using excellent classical texts which in this case is Jurgensen for Geometry.  The 'live' personal interaction they provide with the teacher and classmates make this an top notch option for homeschool families.  Our son loves the interactive nature and the opportunity it affords to ask all of his questions.  They offer two 90 minute sessions per week which is great, similar to college courses.  Derek Owens was our second choice.  But for around the same cost WHA offered more including the grading of all homework proofs and the live aspect.  I also prefer Jurgensen as a Geometry text.  It is used by many honors Geometry programs.


We are enrolled in Algebra 2 for the Fall and classes are filling up quickly.  Our son's class time is already full.  So if you might be interested take a look at the schedule in terms of available time slots.

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We are signed up for Wilson Hill Algebra 2 based on recs here. My son MUCH prefers live, interactive classes. He has been using TabletClass and enjoying it, but a live class will better suit him and will also require him to pace himself better. We have also used Derek Owens for science and he likes it.

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