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Insomnia and worries about electrical wires


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The air vent in my children's bedroom iwas bent a bit on the inside. It is a forced aIr vent. DS was having trouble sleeping tonight and I went in his room and he had removed the cover and had pulled out a wire and the wire ends were exposed. We had extensive work done on the ceiling of the kitchen underneath last summer. The electrical work was expensive. The celing work was expensive. If he broke something I don't want them to have to tear up the ceiling to fix it. I went down and checked the lights and they work. So does the clock on the stove and the numbers on the dishwasher. I did not check any plugs.


Now I have insomnia. Please tell me that everything is going to be okay with those wires so I can sleep.

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The wires were coming out of the floor? Wires or cables? I cannot picture this. Where do they lead? Are there actual exposed wires coming out of, say, a Romex cable?? I can't think that would be possible.


If the circuit is not one that powers something essential, like a refrigerator, can you shut it off from the breaker box?


The only thing that makes any sense to me is if they are not electric cable, but something else, like cat5 or whatever for Internet, cable tv, phone lines.

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