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New/Follow up question for Spielvogel users

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Where would you go to try to get a look at some of the parts to this? I have not yet checked the interlibrary loan option at my local library, but I did do a multiple county search and couldn't find any copies locally.


And when you bought yours did you get it from the Cengage site? Do they sell to homeschoolers directly, especially any teacher materials I would need?


Does that Wadsworth site grade the quizzes and such? How do you get your hands on the answers. It looks pretty neat and would be nice if I didn't have to make up all my own tests and such.



I'm thinking that if I purchased a slightly older edition, 5th or 6th it might be less expensive to get the parts I would need. But I'm really not sure what to expect cost wise.


Any tips would be greatly appreciated. You ladies are the best!

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We are using the Fourth edition which is split into two volumes. I found the second volume for $1 at a library book sale (my favorite way to acquire texts!) and my husband picked up volume 1 on Ebay, I think. There is always a risk with used texts in that one does not know how much writing and highlighting they contain, but we have had good luck so far.


The text book site will grade the multiple choice quiz and allow your student to email his essay answers to you. Personally I prefer my son to hand write essay type answers (he needs to practice legible handwriting for upcoming tests!)


I have not tried to purchase any of the instructor's materials for this book, but I did not succeed when I tried to buy some instructor's materials from Pearson to accompany the 7th edition Campbell Biology text. We lucked out and found this very pricey book with unused Internet access code for $1.99. I paid more for the study guide and the investigations book. In particular, I was seeking a teacher's book to accompany the latter but no go--I didn't order the text from Pearson's so they were not going to allow me access to instructor's materials. I have had a very different response from Oxford University Press who has always sent me teacher's manuals for free.


Personally I find the multiple choice tests to have some lame questions, but that is the nature of multiple choice! My son will run through the quiz just to make sure he has names and places down. I prefer the essay questions or focusing a discussion on something from TTC lectures.


I have always wanted to take a peek at the primary document sourcebooks that accompany Spielvogel but have not run accross one. I may take the plunge and buy one for volume 2 since I suspect that some key documents for American history will be analyzed.



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Cengage(formerly Thomson,Wadsworth) is not homeschool friendly when it comes to selling teacher material like Pearson is with their OASIS program. BUt we have found that the book alone was sufficient and have used the online quizzes for other courses w/o a snag. You can always make up tests from the quizzes if you want more... We have also found the 4th edition to work well and Amazon sells it cheaply along with the other sites suggested. Sometimes those places do have the Teacher's Edition for sale, btw. Good luck!



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Jane, we are using Notgrass this year for Am. Hist. and they required a book called A Documentary History of the United States, by Richard Heffner

# ISBN-10: 0451207483

# ISBN-13: 978-0451207487 Amazon has two isbns listed, I don't know why. But it's only 8 bucks. It has just about every US document you could ever want to see. You can look at the toc on Amazons site.


Thanks for the tips!


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