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  1. You might take a look at the Physics for Scientists and Engineers offered at Kinetic Books. http://www.kineticbooks.com/products/textbook/text_levels.html We recently completed the Principles of Physics course and it offered a good range of problems including very challenging honors level material. Kolbe has a course plan for the intro as well as the Principles of Physics but not the calculus based third level. Mary
  2. Thank you ladies!!! Great help. Much appreciated. Mary
  3. Ah, thanks to your hubbie, KidsHappen, for that piece of info. I wonder if it would handle simple games like Lord of the Rings? I suspect it's not suitable for WOW though... These computers are so reasonably priced! Thanks for your help!! Mary
  4. Wow! Thanks for such a fast reply and for the positive news. Would this machine handle any gaming and maybe college homework for a kid who is going to study engineering??? I don't have any specific programs to ask about... Mary
  5. A young teen friend of the family is searching to buy his first laptop with hard earned dollars and is considering an Acer since you get "more for your money". Has anyone owned an Acer and have any feedback to share? Many thanks! Mary
  6. TI-83 is just fine! That's what ds used. I think the only ones not allowed are the ones with the keyboard-like pad but I know for a fact that TI-84, 84, 92 are allowed. Good luck! Mary
  7. If you sign up for a service you can do this. Sometimes you can use the "free trial".... http://www.myfax.com/fax/freetrial.asp?gclid=CJPUwIv2w5gCFQS7sgodmkHh2A Mary
  8. Not much but here are a few pages found in pdf... http://www.covenanthome.com/files/9thGrade_Pack_JacobsElemAlgebra.pdf You might need to copy and paste into browser... Sometimes Amazon has the Table of Contents. I saw this online "somewhere" also! Mary
  9. I agree completely! Excellent independent view of America and generates discussions pertinent to today as well!! Mary
  10. We have had success at Ebay as well as the sale forum here...They have become more popular in the past three years so they do go quickly plus the new format at Thinkwell is cutting down on "used" CDs. Which ones in particular are you searching for?? Mary
  11. Thanks again, everyone!! The selection has been decided and will be a monologue from"Master Harold and the Boys"! M
  12. Google the US Copyright Office and you will find all that you really never wanted to know but the main section is here:http://www.copyright.gov/title17/92chap4.pdf Many moons ago when I was in publishing it was common knowledge that you could place the copyright symbol, date and name on the cover page and that protected you for "x" number of days till you filled official registration. I think it was a period of three months but the link above should have the specifics. I WOULD do this if I were your son, just to be safe! Congrats to him for writing the play! Mary
  13. You guys are GREAT! Thanks so much for all of the suggestions. Much appreciated. I have learned that it must be from a play not a movie...Selections to be made today, somehow. Many thanks gain. Mary
  14. Hilary, We found the student materials to be sufficient. The full blown program allows you to create your own labs which was beyond us!! The program is self-explanatory and well developed. M
  15. Just labs... go to the link in the OP and your can navigate to the current price. We used this about three years ago so there probably has been some change in price. We used this for Labs and then a couple of Chem books: Singapore and the MGH book by Chang. M
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